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    About Us

    Adhering to the team concept of "one family, one mind, one vigor"
    Rely on scientific and technological innovation to lead the development of wear-resistant steel ball industry. Striving to build century-old enterpriseand create world-class brand of steel ball.

    Forged Ball

    The forged steel grinding ball is excellent in surface quality, toughness, and resistance to impact and abrasion. It won't crack and lose circularity easily. The forging and pressing method that we use is that heating the metal until the temperature reaches 1100oC (±50 oC), and utilizing the metalforming machinery to exert pressure onto the metal blank, then the metal blank coming out with plastic deformation to become the forge piece with certain mechanical properties, shape and dimension.

    Wear-resistant steel bars

    Currently, most companies use the rolling mills round, because of its low hardness, only 12-25HR; not released internal stress bar (bar not wear off easily); round loose internal organization does not tight and so on. Because of these deficiencies, round rod mill will be used as a wear large, prone bent, broken, winding, two-pitched, low yield, less than expected pass rate, part of the follow-up magnetic workload and other issues. Our company produces a new type of wear-resistant alloy steel bars using the latest production methods, sizes can be adjusted according to customer demand, greatly improving flexibility, in addition to unnecessary waste. At the same time it extends the service life and increased mill production efficiency, saving production costs, reduce workers' labor.

    Cast grinding ball

    Casting ball can be divided into three categories, including high chrome ball, chrome ball low chrome ball. Chrome ball high chromium content is not less than 10.0%. Carbon content of between 1.80% and 3.20%. According to national standards, high chrome ball hardness must be not less than 58hrc, impact value should be greater than or equal 3.0j / cm2. If the hardness of this high chrome ball must be treated with temperature quenching and tempering. At present, there are two high chrome ball quenching method includes quenching oil quenching and wind. If the high chrome ball test hardness of less than 54HRC, it means that it has not been quenched.

    forged steel sections

    Resistant steel segment can be widely used in cement, metal mines, coal slurry, thermal power, chemical engineering, ceramics and other industries of powder preparation and superfine deep processing. High hardness steel segment, low wear, good toughness, less broken, in the course of the sphere surface hardness will be further improved wear resistance enhancement can increase mill production capacity.

    Grinding Ball Production Line

    By using the patented automated rod mill rod mill production line has a high flatness and toughness. It has high mechanical properties, not easy to break. Production line for the manufacture of diameters from 40 mm to 120 mm and a length from 2 m to 6 m rod mill, the device has energy-saving, environmental protection, high-quality and efficient function. It can achieve heating, straightening, quenching and tempering processes.

    Steel Rod Production Line

    Our independent research and development of automated production lines Ball won China invention patent. It uses an electric furnace instead of the traditional coal combustion heating method, rotary cutting technology to replace the traditional air hammer, which increased by 30 times or more efficient products.


    Now Huamin has entered into the seventh five-year development planning, intending to reach 300000 tons within five years, to set up steel ball industry cluster, strive to the globally top 10 in the industry. Adhering to the team concept of "one family, one mind, one vigor,", relying on scientific and technological innovation, Huamin will lead to the development of grinding ball industry. To create....

    R & D

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    R & D Team

    The company has 296 employees, including research and development engineering and technical personnel 71
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    Patented Technology

    Existing 4 invention patents, utility model patents 13, its new materials, new technologies ......


    • Address:Shandong Zhangqiu "Huamin export industrial park".

    • Phone:0086-531-83809606

    • Fax:0086-531-83809606


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